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we R two Jap/Korea very natural very naughty 22/23 ALL 4 U 2XX

Age: 22
Bust Size: DD Cup
Ethnicity: Japanese
Suburb: Derwent Park
Area: Glenorchy City
City: Hobart
Listed: Fri 19th Apr 19 3:09pm
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we are ~ new Arrival Hobart short stay will go home in a few days ,,,,full of passion,, loves to give my love ,, passion ,, pussy ,, mouth N tongue ,,, hand and leg ,, 36DD/38DD cup boobies X two pairs ,,, my cum ,, my juice ,,, ALL YOURS p(^_^)q~ real deal new in this U and Me ~ drama free ,,
just enjoys our body that drives U crazy :) x

1000% new JAP/Korean babe 1000% natural will give YOU the totally Good Sex and intimate that you are dream of ,, we will muck in my bed for the most sweetest SeXy time that will blow Our Mind ,,, have big heaps cum and walk out here as A new person free 1000% refresh as new born !!

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prices and real personal my photos will sent while you text for appointment. p(^_^)q

Me ~ stay in Hobart 369 Brooker Hwy ~ 4 stars holiday unit that’s 1000% privacy and new here ,,, warm central heat and hot water for shower ,,, 1000% totally escapes from the reality,,, good for SeX and relaxations,,, guarantees the best of the best 2 girls in Hobart and the best experience you ever will have ~ 22/23yo girls born 100% female and hot exotic look as porn videos,, WoW !! goddess me :) XX

WE new here ,, thanks 4 read my little profile as WE love U very much !! O(∩_∩)O~f^_^; Cheers !!

Feels free to make an appointment!! Xx

f^_^;(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) XOXO Love to Fuck ~please please please babe !!! (o^^o)


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