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Age: 36
City: Brisbane
Listed: Sun 4th Feb 18 12:06pm
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NEW QUICKFIX, QUICKIE, FULL SERVICE OR XFS SERVICES AND PLAY RATES ... SEE BOTTOM PLEASE Nb. I PROVIDE MOST ESCORT BDSM KINK OR FETISH SERVICES BUT I CANT LIST THEM 0N MY ADS FOR YOU SO PLEASE ASK ME. Welcome Im Kyleigh your Nawty Tease and Seductive Full Service (ornot) Escort or Mistress/Domme. I provide MOST Escort Kink Fetish and Bdsm Services however cant list them here so PLEASE ASK ME. I am sensual soft and caring but can also be the total opposite if you require Im a pure Gemini two distinct women in one. I love to play and would love to help you leave feeling relaxed and relieved. Ive been trained by a Dominant gentleman to more than take care of you in many ways depends on what you need. I specialise in stimulating your senses mind and body and I can assure you will enjoy being in my hands. I now provide QUICKIES, QUICKFIX and SINGLE SERVICES alone along with longer play options so please ask me what you need and see rates below. I have new rates for Non Full Service / No Sexual Contact with me in case you want just my focus on you or a single service kink or fetish etc. In an actual PlaySession which are 30 mins or more I focus all on you and youre totally spoiled. Im a sex slave so well versed in teasing tantalising and taking you over the edge once or over and over if youre up for it. These sessions can include Sex and interaction with me or none at all let me know either way. And any Bdsm Kink or Fetish interests let me know I can provide most and have many toys and equipment if youre curious to explore anything I provide.

Thanks for dropping by and cant wait to see you again or to Meet & Play. Lets Play! Mwahhh xo

INCALL LOCATION HEMMANT Sessions are provided in a private discreet Modern Safe Sanitised and Air Conditioned Home which is well equipped with many PlayAreas, Toys, Tools, Implements & Myself to take really good care of you and get you sorted if those things excite you or you can have just little Miss Mwahhh. I will have you leave feeling relaxed, relieved and smiling regardless.

《《《 I M P O R T A N T 》》》 I CAN NOT list my Services on ANY of my ads due to Qld Laws. (No one else can actually so sorry my Ads are now not so fun stupid these are Adult Ads for Adults but apparently laws forbid listing services).

WHAT I CAN TELL YOU though is what I DONT PROVIDE so SCROLL right to the bottom to see that please and this will give insight into WHAT I DO PROVIDE. Anything Hardcore in the Lifestyle check with me please I may not be able to accomodate you but will if I can. I dont consider myself HardCore yet I may identify someday there who knows.

I very much look forward to meeting and playing with you as soon as possible. If you require relief I always love to take you over the edge once twice or even over and over if you desire and can handle it. 

LOCATION & AVAILABLE TIMES Sessions available 7 days from 8am to 10pm by prior booking. Min hour notice if free ideally 2 hours preferred. Based in Hemmant Brisbane 15 mins Drive from Bris City about 8 Mins Drive from Bris Airports. Clean modern but sleek PlaySpaces with full shower wc and airconditioning for comfort. Discreet quiet neighbourhood, easy parking in my driveway right next to my front door.

HOW I PLAY WITH YOU I specialise in all the common and most sought after Kinks and Fetishes and would love to take you on an incredible Sensual and Sensory Stimulation Adventure through various means utilising my presence, voice, language hands, fingers, body, clothing, shoes, toys and tools of the trade to leave you feeling relaxed, relieved and floating on a natural high for hours or days to come. Anything that you dont like is simplh excluded no problem at all. Orgasm Control is a Fav of Mine if you so desire.

LIKE I EXPLAINED EARLIER I CANT LIST my specific Escort/Bdsm/Fetish/Kink Services list here so please Text or Email me your Enquiry with the following info. Please be brief, as clear & concise as possible. 1) Your KEY Kinks Fetishes or Services that are Essential for your session 2) Which are good but not necessary if time doesnt allow 3) What your HARD LIMITS are (Things at present are a NO GO for you) 4) What your SOFT LIMITS are (Things at present you are curious about being coherced into experiencing during a session.

RATES QUICKIES/QUICKFIX/SINGLE ESCORT BDSM KINK OR FETISH ALONE FS XFS up to 15mins $150 $100 up to 30mins $200 $150 LONGER PLAY FS XFS 30mins $200 $100 60mins $300 $200 90mins $400 $400 120mins $500 $400

TO BOOK or ENQUIRE please TEXT me anytime on  Show Mobile with what you need and if I can accomodate Ill get back to you as soon as I can OR Email  or go to my bookings site to book.


Thank-you and I look forward to hearing from you soon and getting you Sorted Relieved and or Used my loves.

LOL Kyleigh xo


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